Happy moments

which will stay with you for life

Photoshoot from the top wedding photographer in Europe.

Available by prior reservation only

Others / Me

Same type photos

Not emotional and uninteresting.

Life photos

I know how, without torturing people with posing, to achieve vivid and sensual shots.

Yes, even if you have never been photographed.

Long editing
You have already got used to the idea that you have to wait an average of 4 months for a wedding photo.

Wedding photos ready in 7-14 days

I know how important it is to once again feel the wedding emotions and share them.

Few photos given to the clients

Limited number of shots selected by the photographer. And of these frames, even fewer are those that you like.

In 1 hour you get up to 80 photos

All photos are processed using the author's technique.

Who is my photo session suitable for:

For those who value high quality

High quality not only makes it possible to print your portrait on a residential building, but at least ensures that all people in the photos will be with their eyes open in group shots.

For those who value their time

More than 10 years of professional experience as a photographer allows us to stay ahead of the curve, presenting finished photos ahead of the expected date.

For those who knows how to stand out

Your photos will not be "like everyone else's." I am always looking for something unique to each client that helps you express your personality.

For those who value impeccable service

I work with assistants, which allows me to achieve a more professional result. Only the best specialists work in my team: make-up artists, videographers, retouchers.

Photo session rates:

1 hour
500 €

Types of photo sessions: love-story, marriage proposal, evening shooting, etc.

Your photos are ready in 1-7 days: you can share your photos very quickly

Personalized gallery with your photos with the ability to download the archive and one by one

Ile de France region

10-12 hours
5000 €

Types of photo sessions: wedding

Duplicate set of photographic equipment, which guarantees multi-angle shooting without loss of image quality

Get your photos ready up to 14 days: Share photos from your wedding with guests and friends before you celebrate your first anniversary

Preliminary consultation - the formation of a strategy for conducting photography, logistics, light, details - I answer all your questions

Up to 6 professional photos from a bird's eye view

Personalized gallery with the ability to download the archive and one by one (very convenient to send to guests)

Specify the possibility of booking a photo session
on your dates
I find an individual approach to each client. Please leave your application with a description of what kind of photo session you want, and I will definitely contact you.

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